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After having improved our event calendar a wee bit, it has suddenly become much more attractive to art people.

But the funny thing is that we don’t know why, and to present you with the understatement of the year, we think there is room for improvement.

One day we want to create the best event calendar for you, which is why it makes sense to ask you what you want:

If you could change anything about the event calendar, what would that be?

Is there something obvious you feel is missing completely?

What would you want the event calendar to achieve for you in terms of visibility and market exposure?

Would you want our newsletter readers to be able to opt in to receive news about your events by email?

What do you feel could improve the filtering options on the front page?

What do you think would improve the 'event detail page'?

Would you like a permanent profile page just about your art venue outside (but connected to) the event calendar and the event detail pages?

If YES, what content would you want to have on this page?

Other, please explain

If NO, why not?

Your full name (required)

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I have read and understood the terms & conditions below.


(*) Terms & Conditons:

1 For your submitted answers to be considered, please fill out the survey form before 15 June 2015.

2 This survey page is aimed at businesses and not consumers. For legal reasons, and by participating in this survey, you are agreeing that this is neither a competition nor a contest nor a prize draw nor a raffle. Officially, it is a survey and we may display our gratitude to some participants by giving away advertising.

2 The person or organisation, who submits what we consider the best set of answers, receives 6 months advertising on www.xamou-art.com with our type D banner subject to separate conditions** (located at the bottom of this page). We define best answers as ones that a) help us innovate and b) appear to be of interest to most other event organisers.

3 The second and third best set of survey answers earn 3 months of advertising on www.xamou-art.com with our type C banner subject to separate conditions*

4 You can submit answers to this survey only once.

5 The person who receives the advertising in connection with this survey will be announced on 20 June 2015 on this web page. If it happens to be you, we will first telephone you and if you want to remain anonymous, then we at least want to mention the name of your organisation. If you have earned the advertising* you can send us your own web banner following our standard specifications or we can design one for you free of charge.

(**) Specific conditions pertaining to banners.

6 calendar months advertising with our type D Footer Board 970×90 px placed on the front page in rotation with other advertisers. There are only 3 advertisers permitted the option of having this type of placement on the front page at any given time.

3 calendar months advertising with our type C Medium Rectangle 300×250 px placed on any or all pages except the front page and in rotation with other advertisers.

Both options are unlimited in the sense that they are not capped by number of times the adverts are displayed or the number of click-thrus they generate. You can read more by looking at our media pack here