About Painting – Part II

Painting – probably still the best-known and most widely used artistic medium – is characterised by applying wet paint with a brush, palette knife or any other tool on a painting surface. Early forms comprise cave paintings from the Ice Age and Upper Paleolithic. In ancient times and the Middle Ages painting manifested itself, above all, as murals, ceramics and manuscripts. The Late Middle Ages and Renaissance saw the rise of panel painting, with wood and canvas becoming the main material for painting supports in the modern era.

The group exhibition ABOUT PAINTING (Part I & Part II), jointly organised by gallery Kornfeld and gallery Bernhard Bischoff & Partner, presents painterly positions from the 1950s until now. Both galleries have a strong focus on painting, and the exhibition shows all painterly manifestations from representational works to geometric abstraction.

In addition to its auction activities (art from the 19th to the 21st century, old master prints and drawings), gallery Kornfeld has been active in promoting contemporary art since the 1950s. The works on display at Laupenstrasse 41 include Abstract Expressionism from the USA, for which the gallery had been an important point of contact in Europe at the time, showing groups of works by Sam Francis, Shirley Jaffe, Al Jensen and Kimber Smith. Contemporary artists frequently shown at the gallery and currently showing recent works include Xerxes Ach, Silvia Gertsch, Rolf Iseli and Alois Lichtsteiner. Com&Com (Marcus Gossolt/Johannes M. Hedinger), Pascal Danz and Dominik Stauch, all represented by gallery Bernhard Bischoff & Partner, complement the presentation.

Gallery Bernhard Bischoff & Partner, located at PROGR_Zentrum für Kulturproduktion on Waisenhausplatz, shows a selection of works by Otto Tschumi, whose estate is managed by the gallery. Tschumi used to be a regular guest at gallery Kornfeld. Gallery artists Samuel Blaser, Elsbeth Böniger, Pascal Danz, Filip Haag and Kotscha Reist show their recent works. Works by Xerxes Ach, Babette Berger, Silvia Gertsch and Sereina Steinemann, friends of the gallery, round off the exhibition.