Ai Weiwei. Law of the Journey

After having presented Ai Weiwei‘s grounbreaking sculpture in the public space, „Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads“, the National Gallery in Prague will introduce the Chinese artist’s magnificent oeuvre by staging his brand new, monumental and site-specific installation which will inaugurate a program of artistic statements in the impressive interior of a Big Hall.

Ai Weiwei is known for elaborating sculptural installations that enter a dialogue with a given space and correspond with the space’s dimensions and architectural quality.  „Sunflower Seeds“ – a vast installation in Turbine Hall of Tate Modern is one of the prime examples of it. His impressive installation „Forever Bicycles“ or a sculpture, „Bicycle Chandelier“ is yet another proof of Ai Weiwei’s architectural sensitivity. The artist’s interest in a high quality aesthetic experience always corresponds with his focus on important issues of political and socio-cultural nature. The criticism of contemporary world as well as a critical revision of the past have always underlined Ai Weiwei’s way of thinking and his artistic practice at large.

His project in the Big Hall will certainly reflect urgent issues of today’s world, driven by political and economic crisis as well as by the inflation of values and moral decline. As such, it will also act in a responsive way towards the vast volume and unique dimensions of the Big Hall.

Curators: Jiří Fajt & Adam Budak