Alexander Viscio | YOUSEEWHATISAW

opening & performance: 18.10.2018, 18h

Three sculptures present a quandary of Prayer, Ritual and Confinement in the show, YOUSEEWHATISAW at Galerie Michaela Stock opening October 18th. In the adjacent space Next Door, a fourth sculpture demonstrates another predicament when pressed to make a decision between two diametrically opposing points of view and is the Namesake of the show. All works refer to the human body as pivotal in concealing and camouflaging the pickle one finds themselves in.

Fresh off his confrontational showing at the Vienna Contemporary Fair last month with a Body-Kinetic sculpture, Six ways from Sunday makes for a full week, the artist will take his place in 3 (of 5) works that cover 2 spaces. Each work illustrates a station for space management and intervention.

Working with furniture Viscio strips the upholstery from 2 spring padded wooded chairs and inverts their orientation into a space one enters rather than sit upon.

In an adjacent space, the artist once again flips a classic playground apparatus (the See Saw) into an elongated rectangular compartment that teeters like a scale negotiating the weight of its content. With the artist inside, his body will shift past the tipping point of the apex of its triangular base enacting the motion of that of the classic See Saw found in most children’s playgrounds, challenging the notion of the docility of The Line and it’s manifesto.