Art Fair ArtVilnius’17

ArtVilnius’17 will introduce 55 galleries, 200 artists from 20 countries (ranging from Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, and Lithuania to Belarus, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, and France), and exceptional collections featuring artworks by world-class artists.

 Alongside the main programme, where galleries will showcase the best of their offerings, ArtVilnius is organizing a special project zone and many additional events. Video art will be in focus at this year’s fair. A collection of works from one of Europe’s oldest video art festivals, Videonale, is to be brought from Bonn, Germany. Jonas Mekas, the outstanding Lithuanian-American artist, is also showing his new film at the fair. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK returns with a new project, while the fair’s exclusive partner Lewben Group and its Lewben Art Foundation is presenting a collection of Lewben Art Foundation works by famous foreign artists, including a winner of the prestigious Turner Prize.

 The Fair is particularly proud of PATH, an annual international exhibition of large-scale sculptures, installations and performances, which has attracted a record-number of applications from aspiring and established artists this year. This year, PATH programme is particularly rich with performances by the likes of Raul Rajangu (Estonia), Erik Alalooga (Estonia), Sarah Hadou (Germany), Mindaugas Navakas, Petras Mazūras, Monika Dirsytė (Lithuania), and others.

 ArtVilnius’17 will continue its tradition and award best galleries and best artists in their respective fields. Visitors will be invited to a number of discussions and lectures. A rich programme of educational events and creative workshops is also part of this year’s fair.

 ArtVilnius sees as its mission not just to foster and promote the art market in Lithuania, but also to establish Vilnius as a regional cultural hub. During the fair, visiting artists and guests have the chance to explore the art scene of Lithuania and Eastern Europe, as well as to discover the charm of the city.

 ArtVilnius’17 runs on June 8-11 at the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO. For more information visit