‘Authors and Artists in Conversation’

The Olivier Cornet Gallery is delighted to present

‘Lisa McInerney, Kelly Ratchford and Emily Mannion: Writing, Painting and How to Kill Your Neighbour’

A conversation between the written and visual arts

Thursday 28th May, 6:30 pm
Wine reception followed by Artists’ Talk

To complement their current exhibition, ‘Salad Days’, at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, artists Kelly Ratchford and Emily Mannion are coming together in conversation with author Lisa McInerney.

This meeting of the literary and visual world will draw parallels between the two practices as the author and artists discuss their inspiration, their work, the coexistence of humour and darkness within their pieces and much more.

Lisa, Kelly and Emily will also be open to questions from the audience, giving any new writer, artist or inquisitive fan a chance to pick the brains of this trio, gaining a comprehensive insight into their respective processes (or lack thereof!).

Author Lisa McInerney started a blog in 2006 documenting working class life on a Galway council estate. Titled ‘The Arse End of Nowhere’, McInerney’s blog portrayed the rougher side of Ireland through her own brand of gleeful cynicism. Following this, Lisa wrote for several prominent literary sites and published a short story, ‘Saturday, Boring’, in 2013. She has now published her debut novel, ‘The Glorious Heresies’, which has met with international praise, the Irish Times heralding Lisa as ‘the most talented writer at work today in Ireland.’

Artist Kelly Ratchford uses mixed media on canvas, wood, paper and ready-made boxes to create images that allude to themes which are often uncomfortable and controversial. Despite Ratchford’s serious topics, her work is infused with a strong sense of endearment and humour as she incorporates her enthusiasm for colour, street art and pictures drawn by young children.

Emily Mannion is a multi-talented artist whose practice spans painting, drawing and sculpture. Mannion’s work looks at the juncture where reality and make-believe coexist and it concerns itself with the negotiation of the fragile space between experience and memory. Her work is filled with a colourful playfulness and an emotional pathos that connects with its viewer to leave a lasting statement.

This is a free event but booking is recommended.

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