Autumn in New York

The dark, rugged autumn weather is gradually settling in old cobblestone streets of the Brown Meatpacking and is lying heavily between the brown buildings with iron-paned windows, giving us a sensation of being sent back to a bygone era. However, as soon as you walk through the door of Gallery Poulsen, the contrast is striking. A parallel universe opens itself behind the door, alluring us to come inside. Right there by the end of Staldgade, is our own little corner of New York in the middle of the Copenhagen quarter, awaiting a mission to be accomplished.

Poulsen has journeyed off on a determined artistic excursion to the city that never sleeps, to visit the artists in their natural habitat, deep inside the raw and creative hub of Brooklyn, where the magic happens! All the way inside the artists’ secluded corners, we have handpicked the freshest artworks directly from their easels.

We can hardly shake the excitement of having the opportunity to give this completely unique insight into what they have been working on, hiding away in their studios, so newly created that the final layer of varnish is barely dry. From the American east coast to the cold north, from one vibrant industrial area to another, the goal of the excursion has been perfectly clear. Therefore we now serve you New York’s most enchanting new masterpieces created in the midst of this golden autumn.

Even after years of fruitful collaboration, we are still astonished whenever we venture into the magnificent and at times disturbing universes of our artists, providing us with a great insight into what is happening in New York’s contemporary art scene right now! For “Autumn in New York” Aaron Johnson has created a whole new surrealistic piece in his new series of exquisite absurdities. Less absurd, but equally powerful, is Angela Gram’s distorted animal imagery. Meanwhile, John Jacobsmeyer has completely surpassed himself and created the largest piece of woodcut in his body of work so far.

In addition to our well-known masters, the excursion has led to encounters with brand new artists, who have let their most expressive and exuberant oil paintings fall into our hands. Adam Stennett will be presenting a formidable solo show in Gallery Poulsen this coming spring, but before that we offer a crisp taste of two of his works in “Autumn in New York”. Matthew Hansel’s combination of complex still life and psychedelic expression completely knocked us off our feet. We furthermore have the pleasure of welcoming back Danish artist Nadia Plesner, who has created an utterly meticulous slaughterhouse in pearls for this particular exhibition!

Impeccable craftsmanship and ingenious tales will undoubtedly allure anyone who dares to gaze at this magnificent group exhibition. Each piece more captivating and reckless than the previous will make a great autumn in New York right in the concrete jungle of Copenhagen!

 You definitely have something to look forward to, because we have a surprise of sublime dimensions in store for you as we open the doors wide open to a spectacular show!

The exhibition shows a string of masterpieces on paper, canvas and print.Opening reception Saturday the 28th of October from 12-3pmContact the gallery at or phone + 45 33 33 93 96 for further information.