BERNARDÍ ROIG – The Aphonic Poets and the Silence of Actaeon

The Aphonic Poets and the Silence of Actaeon is the third exhibition by Bernardi Roig at our space in Vienna. This project showcases a series of works (drawings, videos, sculptures, paintings and photos) made over recent years that combine and intertwine his fascination with the representation of the face – the series POETS – and the gaze of Actaeon, that transgressive gaze that challenges the prohibition of the divine and insists on seeing what is outside the possibility of sight. These images speak to us of non-communication, of the failure of the word and the aphony of poetry; of a distrust of representation and language. These works have the qualities of a mirror, they trap and deform our image and return to us a perforated face without sureties trapped between silence and amnesia.