Beyond Visual Range

Beyond Visual Range is a military term, which is employed to designate objects that exceed the range of sight of a fighter pilot. The series „missiles“ of Sebastian Schmidt features large-format hyperrealistic 3D renderings of cruise missiles and torpedos of the types currently deployed. Through this aesthetic treatment, Sebastian Schmidt spans a diametral arch between deadly subject and sensual symbol of power. The series can now be seen for the first time in Schmidt’s solo exhibition at the KRAVT Gallery.

KRAVT Gallery is an art space focused on CGI. Founded by Jan Schulz-Berners and Sebastian Schmidt, the gallery is an extension to the brand KRAVT founded in 2012 and the design agency of the same name.

Sebastian Schmidt developed the fascination for art, technology and perfection since his early childhood. He studied at the Design Academy Berlin, worked for well-known advertising agencies and now makes his debut as a digital artist.