Bodo Korsig – No regrets

Bodo Korsig lives and works in Trier and New York. He was born in 1962 in Zwickau, Germany, and studied sculpture and stone restoration in Berlin. Working within a broad range of artistic techniques and materials, including wood cut, drawing, painting, sculptural reliefs as well as pho-tography and film, he has been known to use rather unconventional tools, such as a road roller to print extremely large woodcuts, or a chainsaw to create wooden images on the spot.

Many years ago Korsig turned to neurosciences and behavioural research, driven by the question of what structures underlie human behaviour and perception. He creates poetic, provocative, mys-terious and pictogrammatic images about existential subjects of humanity. Many of Bodo Korsig’s works analyse patterns of behaviour under extreme conditions such as fear, violence or death. Counting on the power of graphic lines, the pictures’ abstract forms remind one of logos from ad-vertising, even if they are more complicated than that. They seem foreign and strangely familiar at the same time, partly inspired by and based on medical images, partly on everyday objects, which only seemingly add up to a complete picture.

The round, soft forms, seductive at a first glance, turn into strange plants that radiate an unpredic-table and uncontrollable energy on closer examination. These pictorial, on the surface nicely or-namental icons also put one in mind of depictions of cell structures, bacterial chains or viral growths. It is the play with ambivalent emotions and the irritations of his own visual experience that appeals to Korsig. The beholder oscillates between fascination, trust and mistrust, at the same time attracted and repelled, but also bothered, threatened and at the artist’s mercy. Often Bodo Korsig combines his visual worlds with text fragments. His sloganesque phrases refer to existential subjects such as love and sexuality, life and death, remembering and forgetting, past, present and future. For his gallery exhibition the artist collaborated with Bernese author and performer Ariane von Graffenried (*1978), complementing his visual worlds with her texts.