Carlo Bononi. The Last Dreamer of the Ferrarese School

Although virtually unknown to the public today, in the past, the name Carlo Bononi drew the attention of artists, patrons, scholars, and art lovers.

A prolific, great artist, restless experimenter and indefatigable traveler, Bononi occupies an extremely important role in seventeenth century art history.Bononi’s career spanned the era in Italy from the transition from the Counter-Reformation to the maturation of the new style of the seventeenth century. Occasionally making use of Mannerist stylistic elements, Bononi was capable of innovations that anticipated the modes and manners of the high Baroque era. A distinctive feature of his work, in fact, is the emotional energy that exudes from every figure and every composition.

Organised by Ferrara Arte Foundation.Curated by Francesca Cappelletti and Giovanni Sassu.

Picture: Carlo Bononi, Genio delle arti, c. 1620. Collezione Lauro