Christian Andersson

In his work, the Swedish artist Christian Andersson (b. 1973, lives and works in Malmö) presents alternative ways of interpreting the truth: He poses questions about thinking and seeing to make us aware of the idea systems that penetrate us and that are continually evolving during the course of history. As a point of departure in art and architectural history, popular culture, literature, and the canon of western civilization, Anderssonreminds the viewer that there are always alternatives, other ways of looking at the world.

He presents forgotten – or repressed – facts in a new way, challenging patterns of thought that too often have become rigid. Juxtaposing emotion and reason, he establishes in his room-filling installations enough momentary doubt to test our powers of comprehension.

In close collaboration with Andersson the Kunstmuseum Thun shows the artist’s first institutional solo exhibition in Switzerland.