Claiming Masculinity

ZERP Gallery is proud to present the group exhibition ‘Claiming Masculinity’ with new works by Ronald Ball, Jak Beemsterboer, Jelle Mollema and Barry Marré. Four emerging artists who explore the limits of the male representation through the medium of photography and sculpture. The male body and the male identity have always leg an important and much-debated subject Within art history. All artist of the exhibition seek to represent the male in different ways, Thereby researching how the depicted body and identity are related notes. Sometimes the identity of the subject is kept hidden behind the surface of the masculine body, rendering the same bone healing. Sometimes the connection between masculinity and male identity are not Dissimilar, creating Tensions between both. Can Overcome the artists rooted Prejudices and conquer Existing biases and Put Their claim on the depiction of the male existence?

You are kindly invited to the opening or Claiming Masculinity-which will take place Sunday 12 April, from 15-17 hrs.