CONSTANTIN LUSER: Motion – Time – Sound

We are pleased that for the first time Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art will be a venue for the festival DIALOGUES (November 25th-29th, 2015) and will present in this context works by Constantin Luser.

The festival DIALOGUES, organized by the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation around the day of Mozart's death, seeks to bring together contemporary music with great works from music history as well as Mozart's oeuvre and attempts this year to connect music by Morton Feldman, Beat Furrer and Mozart to fine and performance art.

Works by the Austrian artist Constantin Luser (born 1976 in Graz) will be on view on the occasion of DIALOGUES in the Salzburg Mozart Foundation as well as in the exhibition "Bewegung – Zeit – Klang" in our Salzburg gallery (Residenzplatz 1).

The interpretation of Feldman's String Quartet No. 2 by the Austrian Ensemble for New Music (OENM) promises to be an exciting experience in a special concert situation – also in the gallery Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art in Salzburg on November 22nd at 4 pm as well as on November 29th at 11 am (free entry).

With his varied drawings and floating objects the Austrian artist Constantin Luser creates an artistic counterpart to the sounds of Mozart, Feldman and Furrer. We invite you to the spaces of the Salzburg Mozart Foundation as well as to the exhibition in the gallery Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art (Residenzplatz 1) to trace the movement of the most gentle sound and sculptural constructions: “seeing to hear, hearing to see” (Beat Furrer). During the performance of Morton Feldman's “Triadic Memories”, Luser's delicate sculptures enter into an eloquent dialogue with Feldman's weightless sound (November 26th, 7:30 pm, Mozart Foundation, Great Hall).

As if by magic the delicate networks float through the space. In his fragile drawings and sculptures Constantin Luser seems to override the dimensions of space and time, thereby evoking a similarly beguiling transcendence as that which Morton Feldman achieved with the fine textures of his compositions. Beat Furrer referred to his artistic activity as a “view over the moving matter 'sound'”. In the same way Furrer's music attempts to suspend time and to make the movement of sound accessible, the individual elements of Luser's complex structures overflow into space.

Constantin Luser, born 1976 in Graz, studied visual media under Brigitte Kowanz at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He lives and works in Vienna and Graz. In the past years he has caused an international sensation with his suggestive drawings, interwoven objects and interactive sound sculptures such as the “Molecular Organ” or the enormous wind instrument sculpture “Vibrosaurus”.

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