The Cutting of Light by Gioni David Parra

Contini Contemporary is pleased to present the new exhibition of Gioni David Parra, THE CUTTING OF LIGHT. The show, curated by Francesca Centurione Scotto Boschieri, will explore the Italian artist’s fascinating world made of pictorial sculptures created by combining different techniques and exploiting the metamorphic dynamism of the materials used.

Gioni David Parra does not force form on matter but he is deeply connected to the original structure of the medium; he lets it show its inner tensions, its cracks and veins, considering them not as structural weaknesses but as expressive potential.

“Parra’s material is incandescent, it is made of atoms that dance, vibrate, and they are brought by a cosmic wind to compose and recompose, in anassimandric and pre-Socratic stellar visions. The Matterlights are born. Parra then continues to create essential and never geometric figures, as the result of that initial whirlpool. NOCUBEs are born, fragments of the same stellar discourse. In Bladelight and Matter Conceptual the artist dematerialise the heavy and monumental marble into a shining scale of that cosmos, in an anti-gravitational process, where the same marble goes up rather than getting down, because it is nothing else but an elytra in that powerful initial Big Bang.”

Francesca Centurione Scotto Boschieri

Dates: 26-30 September 2019

Vernissage: 26th September 2019 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

For further inquiries please contact the gallery at info@continicontemporary or at +44 2039 729001.