Daria Martin: A Hunger Artist

A Hunger Artist adapts Kafka’s 1924 short story, an ambiguous allegory about spectacle and spectators; power, narcissism, and resistance. A public showman fasts for years to wide adulation, until his craft goes out of style. He is left to perform for unappreciative spectators and, ultimately, to barely please only himself, unto death. The film highlights the contradictory human experience of our bodies as both ‘objects’ and ‘subjects.’

The Schering Stiftung is partner of Berlin Art Week 2017.

A Hunger Artist by Daria Martin was made with support from:Schering Stiftung, Berlin; SITE GALLERY, Sheffield, UK; VISUAL, Carlow, Ireland

Further funding provided by:Wellcome Trust, UK; Arts Council England, UK; University of Oxford, UK; St John’s College, Oxford, UK

Image: Daria Martin, A Hunger Artist, still, HD film, 16 minutes, 2017, © Daria Martin, courtesy Maureen Paley, London