Destroyed House Leiden

Museum De Lakenhal is renovating and expanding. To accommodate that growth four homes are set to be demolished on the Lammermarkt, behind the museum. As a final tribute to these derelict buildings, Museum De Lakenhal has commissioned visual artist Marjan Teeuwen to develop a large and impressive architectonic installation: ‘Destroyed House Leiden’. Marjan Teeuwen will be working on this installation from March until June.

‘Destroyed House Leiden’ is the sixth in a series of large-scale architectonic transformations that Marjan Teeuwen (1953) has worked on. The four buildings will be completely stripped and all partition walls will be removed, creating one monumental open space. Relying on a carefully laid out plan, floors will be sunk into the ground, be made crooked or will even be dropped perpendicularly to form a whole new wall. All the debris created by the transformation will be further used to resculpt the room. Chaos and devastation will thus be given an abstract purpose and a poetic character. ‘Destroyed House Leiden’ will be a tribute to construction itself.

image-caption: Marjan Teeuwen, Destroyed House North (2013-14). Photo: Hans de Bruijn