DOPUST/Days of open performance VIENNA 2018

SOUNDING SPACE – SOUNDS GOOD!23.6. – 30.6.2018OPENING CEREMONY:Saturday, June 23, 2018, 21hAU: Brunnengasse 76, 1160 ViennaLIVE: Andrey Smirnov, Two pigs under one umbrella, Sirius & Darktunes (Ab-Stieg/Ministry)

 ARTISTSbad weather report, Patrick Baumüller, Eschata, Stefan Geissler, Headoeast, L æx Vota x Blood Promise, Lilo Nein, Rheuma 3000, Sirius & Darktunes (Ab-Stieg/Ministry), Andrey Smirnov, Walter Seidl / Stefan Geissler, Sikuti Machine, Soda & Gomorra, Tony Renaissance, Two pigs under one umbrella

TALKS: Helen Carey, Stef van Bellingen, Karl Salzmann, Elisabeth Schimana, Andrey Smirnov und Elisabeth Zimmermann

VENUES:AU, Barbatti fine food, Galerie Michaela Stock, gallery 12-14, Studio Mollay Bibawy, Zentrale, public space / Freihausviertelfest.


In its fourth edition, the performance festival DOPUST Vienna 2018 / Days of Open Performance presents itself for the first time as an artistic “music score”, the programme of which is arranged at different locations in Vienna on the topic of sound. Just like image, sound can also open an unimaginable number of new dimensions. What is the meaning of tone – is it a piece of sound, part of melody, or merely a tool? The visitors will be given the opportunity to explore the manners in which sound and hearing shape our everyday lives, tradition, and history.

Sound art is the most direct way of artistic engagement – literally with the eyes closed.Music can influence our senses without any reason or explanation. Sound art, the artistic interaction between art and music, floats between the borders of interpretation that can be expanded to the extreme. DOPUST Vienna sheds a light on the different approaches and perspectives of music expressions in performing arts.

The featured artworks are engaged in the various interactions of sound, space, time and movement, from sound sculptures to scenic performance, thereby deconstructing the listening habits. Some artists explore sound in its pure form – whereby the borders between sound, noise, and music are crossed and blurred – or its social, cultural, and political implications.

DOPUST Vienna features electronic music, sound experiments (noise, audio-video installations, drone) punk and underground. Performances, music interventions, sound and speech experiments, a project in collaboration with students of the University of Applied Arts, artist talks, screenings, and discussions will be presented at the intersection of art and music. The mutual influence and interaction between music and visual arts will be explored, as well as the range of sound and music in open and closed spaces.

The festival programme is also aimed at the activation of students of the University of Applied Arts via OPEN CALL. Such range of activities is important so as to mediate the artistic and creative power of the students on the Viennese scene to commercial galleries, galleries with an experimental approach, and alternative underground locations.

DOPUST Vienna 2018 will be held at different locations in Vienna: on the underground scene, in academic educational institutions, art galleries, off-spaces, and in open space. The invited artists come from both fields – visual arts and music. The opening ceremony will be held at AU and “bad weather report” will be on display in Zentrale on Thursday evening. The synergies will especially come to the fore during the Freihausviertel Festival in Wieden District (28-30 June). Two stages for scenic and music performances will be set up in Schleifmühlgasse Street / Galerie Michaela Stock, gallery 12-14) and divergent sound installations can be explored in Studio Mollay Bibawy.

The festival programme will be rounded up with a “Sound Brunch” and discussions held by artists and renowned experts (Salzmann, Schimana, Smirnov, Zimmermann) who will address the scope and perspectives of sound. An attempt will be made to make visible and interconnect the overall cultural scene that is not part of the already-established cultural framework – in Vienna, but also outside of Austria – regardless of its commercial exploitability.Translation: Mirta Jurilj

DOPUST PROGRAM 23.6 – 30.6.2018

Saturday, 23.6.: AU21h Andrey Smirnov, Two pigs under one umbrella,Sirius & Darktunes (Ab-Stieg/Ministry) 

Sunday, 24.6., Bf216h Sound Brunch & Conversation withKarl Salzmann, Elisabeth Schimana, Andrey Smirnov und Elisabeth Zimmermann

Tuesday, 26.6.: Zentrale20h bad weather report (a/v performance w/ Uli Kühn & Thomas Wagensommerer)

Thursday, 28.6. Freihausviertelfest / Schleifmühlgasse17h Studio Mollay Bibawy, sound installation (Baumüller, Geissler / Seidl, Nein)19h Gallery Michaela Stock, Project Students of the University of Applied Arts / hufak20.30h Gallery Michaela Stock, Headoeast, sound installation21h Gallery Michaela Stock, L æx Vota x Blood Promise (Grind, Ratchet-Grime), concert

Friday, 29.6. Freihausviertelfest / Schleifmühlgasse18.30h Gallery Michaela Stock, Lilo Nein, performance artists: Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster19h Gallery Michaela Stock, Rheuma 3000, concert20h Gallery Michaela Stock, Soda & Gomorra, concert

Saturday, 30.6. Freihausviertelfest / Schleifmühlgasse16h Bf2, Meet & Greet: Helen Carey / Stef van Bellingen17h gallery 12-14: Eschata, concert19h Gallery Michaela Stock, Sikuti Machine, concert20h gallery 12-14: Tony Renaissance, concert21h Gallery Michaela Stock, Stefan Geissler, concert



SOUND BRUNCH / Perspectives on the phenomenon of sound with expertsKarl Salzmann / artist, curator and researcher focus sound art, Co-founder Zentrale, Lecturer in Sound & Technology at the Department of Art & Science at the University of Applied Arts (2014/17)Elisabeth Schimana / founder of IMA / Institute of Media Archeology, musician and composer, one of the Austrian female pioneers of electronic musicAndrey Smirnov / founder of the Theremin Center in Moscow, lecturer at the Centre for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow State Conservatory and Rodchenko School for Modern Photography and Multimedia, interdisciplinary artist, curator, collector, writer, composerElisabeth Zimmermann / Ö1 Kunstradio – Radiokunst, cultural manager, chair woman of the EBU Ars Acustica group

MEET & GREET / Art scenes in Belgium and IrelandHelen Carey / Firestation and Stef van Bellingen / Art Platform Warp

SCREENINGS / various film and video (to be announced)

SOUNDS GOOD! / interdisciplinary art and research project with studentsUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna / hufak (to be announced)



AUBrunnengasse 76, 1160 Vienna

Bf2Barbatti fine foodSchleifmühlgasse 1, 1040 Vienna

Freihausviertel FestivalSchleifmühlgasse – 1040 Vienna

Galerie Michaela StockSchleifmühlgasse 18 – 1040 Vienna

gallery 12-14Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 – 1040 Vienna

Studio Mollay BibawySchleifmühlgasse 15, 1040 Vienna

ZentraleNeulerchenfelderstraße 52, 1160 Vienna


Cooperation with:AU / ViennaArt Platform Warp, Sint-Niklaas, BelgiumBarbatti fine foodDOPUST / Days of open performance Split, CroatiaEPK / MMSU RIJEKA / Rijeka, CroatiaFirestation Dublin, IrelandHufak, University of Applied Arts / Vienna, AustriaGallery Michaela Stock, Vienna, Austriagallery 12-14, Vienna, AustriaStudio Mollay Bibawy / Vienna, AustriaZentrale / Vienna, Austria

We would like to thank our sponsorsBf2, Bakery Ströck, District Wieden, Freihausviertelfest, hufak, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Vöslauer, City of Vienna

DOPUST VIENNA / Verein zur Förderung der Kunst – Schleife 18Organisation / Kuratoren: Michaela Stock, Marko Markovic