Filip Haag – Abrakady & more

Filip Haag does not see himself as a painter or a photographer, and when he draws he is no draughtsman either – Filip Haag is a magician of art. Using photo-chemical processes or experi-menting with pigments and paint, he creates fascinating surfaces and compositions of disconcerting depth: works that without fail amaze us, time and again.

Filip Haag’s paintings often are born out of chaos, out of forlorn and unintentional scrawls as it were. They could be called the result of controlled chance, quasi creating themselves in the process of creation. The artist fills areas with paint – carefully applied or slapped on, often with his bare hands –, creating a form, a precise drawing out the apparent chaos. His works are thus continuous confrontations between natural chaos and the order constructed out of this chaos.

Innumerable nuances of black form the basis of his colour scheme. They are degrees of blackness, however, that do not represent darkness and decay, but contrast and counterbalance. Using black he does so in the same way as when painting with light. His artistic principle consists in accentuating certain shapes by outlining or overpainting them with partly luminous paint.

The artist never tries to depict human beings or anything that is representational, but rather his un-conscious surroundings and his very own basis of existence. His works are always imaginary worlds whose intentions remain vague and open, open to each individual viewer’s interpretation while closed to anyone else’s. Filip Haag’s pictorial worlds visualise areas that go beyond the apparently visual.