Focus on Belgium

Opening Sunday 10 September 15:00 by Mr. Daan RauAn exhibition with five promising contemporary artist from Belgium. 

Hervé Martijn (painter) – Maen Florin(sculpter) – Colin Waeghe (painter) – Quinten Ingelaere (painter )– Karel Fonteyne (photographer)

During PAN AMSTERDAM the gallery will be closed. For more information contact the gallery.

Galerie Wilms was established  in 2007 by Paul Wilms and Carla Wilms-Scheffers, being two young, passionate art collectors. The gallery shows exhibitions of Dutch and International contemporary art.

The profile of the gallery relies on some of the most talented artists of the young generation and also includes a number of important Dutch and International artists that emerged on the art scene in the nineties. We aim for a long-term commitment in developing the artists’ career.  The gallery participates in several Art Fairs such as PAN Amsterdam. Paul and Carla are passionate about our job and maintain a very high service level.