Gallery Tour and Performance Art

The Olivier Cornet Gallery is delighted to host an afternoon of art, performance and history in collaboration with National Heritage Week.

Join the Olivier Cornet Gallery for a continuation of our group exhibition '5 Cavendish Row' at 3 Great Denmark Street (just beside Belvedere College). The show is a visual response to the history of our previous building and the Parnell Square area. The artworks incorporate stories of Cavendish Row's development from Bartholomew Mosse and his Rotunda to Michael Collins and a pirate radio station…

At 3:30 pm Gallery Owner Olivier Cornet will give a tour of the exhibition, outlining its vivid history. Visitors are invited to pause at the real 5 Cavendish Row (opposite the Gate Theatre) on their way to 3 Great Denmark Street and to first look sideways to the left, then up to the right, trying to memorise what can be seen.

At 4 pm performance Artist Aodán McCardle will give a special live art event in response to the exhibition '5 Cavendish Row'.

Aodán McCardle is a performance writer, a painter, a poet, gardener, tattooist, designer, and maker. He is a co-editor at Veer Books and has a PhD on Action as Articulation of the Contemporary Poem (Birkbeck College, University of London 2013). His current practice is improvised performance/writing/drawing as a finding out.
Visitors are welcome to attend just the tour, the performance, or both!

For more information:
087 288 7261