Gerhard Richter

The National Gallery in Prague, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and Goethe-Institut in Prague, will present a retrospective of German artist Gerhard Richter, his first in Central Europe. It will present selected works done by the artist in the last sixty years. More than fifty pieces will take the visitor through Richter’s multi-genre oeuvre – from realism to naturalism, pop art, conceptual art and abstraction. The exhibition highlights Richter’s painting styles centred around the theme of “history” – not only the history ofGermany, but also of the artist’s family and art itself. The theme of history links his well-known, often personal photo-realistic works with those focused on the history of art, seeking to express something that lay beyond the capacity of words.

The exhibition is chronological, emphasizing the “new” theme on which the artist embarked in each section. Richter absorbs many trends, ideas and contemporary events, always showing a desire to move art, and its capacity to move us, forward. Richter always experiments and seeks out a new vocabulary of stylistic expression. The exhibition’s last section will acquaint the visitor with his new works – realistic paintings, still lifes, objects, abstraction and motifs in which the artist is interested at the moment. The exhibition will be organized as part of the Czech-German Spring of Culture 2017 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Czech-German Declaration.

Curators: Jiří Fajt and Milena Kalinovská in cooperation with Gerhard Richter and his studio