In the fashion world the creative revival of an iconic luxury brand is considered mission impossible. Tom Ford failed at Yves Saint Laurent. Karl Lagerfeld stepped out of Coco Chanel's shadow into his own light. Raf Simons' “New Looks” for Dior respected the style of the legendary master. Recently he threw in the towel. The task's difficulty has not destroyed the dreams of many young designers to follow in the footsteps of an icon. With the project “Iconic Recycling” 12 students in the Bachelor and Master programs of the University of Prague, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design have risen to the challenge. In the winter semester 2014/15, 35 designs and accessories in the style of Helmut Lang, Donna Karan, Jil Sander, Johji Yamamoto, Jean Paul Gaultier, Romeo Gigli, Celine, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent were created. The selection arose from the private archive of Elisabeth Längle, who initiated the project with a donation of original models. The implementation was supervised by doc. Libena Rochová, Head of the Fashion Class at the University of Prague and a high-ranking designer of the Czech Republic. After the semester presentation at the University of Prague in February 2015, the redesigned fashion icons were presented with great success in July in Tokyo and in September 2015 in New York. Vienna is the most important station in this project: for the first time the designs will not only be presented here, but will also be for sale. Sales is an often neglected, however crucial experience in a designers education: “Fashion that doesn't sell is not fashion.”
The opening is on November 26th, 2015 at 7 pm in the space AAA (All About Art) at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna, Weihburggasse 26. The creators of the recycled icons will be present and will have their first “on the job” sales experience. The ambitious mission impossible of the fashion world ends in Mammon: business as usual.
Jewellery pieces by Zorya, distinguished with the Czech Grand Design Award 2011, porcelain vases by Milan Pekar, paper works and wearable accessories by Libena Rochová broaden the creative sprectrum from Prague. The exhibition at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art will be on view through January 9th, 2016.