Make-Up and Body Painting by Orla Byrne

Because of the week we are in, with people masquerading as Leopold Bloom and art becoming so visible in the streets, we just had to say yes to Orla Byrne.

Come and join us this Wednesday 17th of June in the Olivier Cornet Gallery for a live body painting exhibition by make-up artist and body painter Orla Byrne.

Orla is a an internationally published make-up artist and body painter and has recently been selected as one of the Nyx Face Awards Top 20 artists from over 500 applicants across the UK and Ireland. The body paint piece focuses on an "old meets new" theme and draws inspiration from British and Irish fashion and street art. The piece pays homage to street art legends including Banksy, King Robbo, Nick Walker, Mancsy, Paul Insect, Maser and 3D, among others. Orla will be painting the piece from start to finish on herself between 2-4pm in the beautiful surroundings of the Olivier Cornet Gallery.

Located at 5 Cavendish Row, in the Parnell Square Cultural Quarter, the heart of Georgian Dublin, the Olivier Cornet Gallery is now one of Ireland's most exciting contemporary fine art galleries, representing accomplished Irish-based visual artists, working in a variety of media such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, fine prints and digital art.The gallery is currently home to "5 Cavendish Row", a visual response to the history of the building and its local area. Featuring works by gallery artists Mark Doherty, Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Michelle Byrne, Adrienne Symes, Jordi ForniƩs, Hugh Cummins, Conrad Frankel, Kelly Ratchford, Jason Lowe, and invited artists Eve Parnell, Gerard Cox and Catherine Ryan.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to see both the body painting demonstration and '5 Cavendish Row'. Feel free to come and go at any stage during the demonstration.

For more information:
087 288 7261