Mindset Reset – Ryan Heska Solo Show

”Mindset Reset” ”The paintings in “Mindset Reset” are based on actual dreams, and the enigma of disparate, dream-like imagery. My goal was to take as few steps as possible in order to transfer my thoughts and visualizations directly on canvas to arrive somewhere I had never been before ” – Ryan Heshka, February 2020On February 22nd we open the doors to Canadian Ryan Heshka’s first solo exhibition in Scandinavia. The exhibition was brought to life through our longstanding collaboration with Colección Solo in Madrid. Ryan Heshka enjoys great international recognition and is especially well known for his surreal and dreamy paintings, associating comics, science fiction and his strong references to pop culture and Hollywood’s B-movies. His captivating, compelling and dramatic works has been published in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Playboy Magazine etc. In addition he has had countless solo shows in North America and Europe and it is with great pleasure that we welcome him to Gallery Poulsen. The bizarre, the absurd and the esoteric have always held an overwhelming fascination for Ryan Heshka. Yet his artwork has always had an element of control and preparedness to it. The work in “Mindset Reset” represents a conscious challenge to detach from that cycle of control, and allow free, organic exploration, where established techniques, inspirations  and visual language was important, as was throwing out many habitual steps in his creation of art. It is the first time that Ryan Heshka has worked on large- scale canvases, to further amplify the sense of confusion and disorientation of dream states. In the exhibition Heshka coaxes you to find yourself in a dream world with no control, the ethereal place he himself was channeling while creating these paintings for ”Mindset Reset”. Ryan Heshka extends an invitation to dream.

Mindset Reset22.02 – 21.03Vernissage Saturday February 22nd from 12-4pm Contact the gallery at info@gallerypoulsen.com or phone + 45 33 33 93 96 for further information