Moving Image Department – 4th Chapter: The Rhetoric of Time, Revisited

Time and temporality of a (moving) image lie in a centre of the 4th chapter of Moving Image Department. According to the philosophers, cinema’s generous task is not just presenting images, but also surrounding them with a world. The works, presented in the 4th chapter, are collections of images set up in a double motion: they embrace the visitor with their temporal unfolding and magic while emanating the world they are surrounded by. Their immersive quality generates an illusion of inhabiting an image, „living it“ in present and in recollection. 4th chapter demonstrates the medium of video and cinema as an apparatus, able to speak a collective voice of and through time.

With Tomas Svoboda (Czech Republic) and Ragnar Kjartansson (Iceland)

Featuring Josef Dabernig (Austria) and Liam Gillick (Great Britain)

Curated by Adam Budak

Assisting Curator: Piotr Sikora