Nanna Hänninen, “Now is Now part II” Opening

Next Thursday 15th September, the second part of the solo exhibition by NannaHänninen (Rovaniemi, Finland, 1973), a photographer from the acclaimed Helsinki School ofPhotography, opens at the camara oscura art gallery within the framework of the AperturaMadrid Gallery Weekend.The background for this project by Nanna is her interest in everyday emotions andexperiences that, although every human being is unique, can be felt and shared by all.Certain psychological patterns -what we do or how we respond- connect people andgenerate an “emotional community”. In this way, a personal experience or private perceptioncan acquire a more universal meaning.The photographs show distinctly reduced still lifes of crumpled paper which -partlyshowing texts- come from Nanna’s work books of recent years, during which the artist wasconfronted with many personal challenges.“Now is Now” deals with anxieties, existential threats and survival in the jungle ofemotions. This applies not only to the artist and her experiences but also to us, the viewersof her works. The series explores the importance of the present as well as time itself and itsrelativity. The past is just a memory and the future is a construction of the mind, and betweenthese two is here and now, the only moment on which we have direct influence.The aesthetically precise works themselves are tender and devoid of all superfluousrequisites and effects. The predominant colour is white, whereby Hänninen formally createsa link to her earlier works from the year 2000. The result is a minimalist aesthetic whichopens a tremendously large associative space and confronts the viewer with his or her ownmemories and experiences.We look forward to seeing you there and we appreciate the publication of this pressrelease. For further information, please contact Juan Curto on +34 914 291 734, by e-mail or by visiting our website at