Here and Now – Fine arts. National Salon 2015

The 2015 National Salon endeavours to review the Hungarian fine art of the last ten years.The exhibition is designed to show the relevant phenomena, characteristic artworks and less well-known dimensions of the more traditional fields of Hungarian art from the brief period since the millennium.

The exhibition with 209 exhibitors helps to discover artworks that influence the momentary changes in contemporaneous Hungarian fine art, or that inherently possess a capacity for change. The detection, analysis and evaluation of the new phenomena of current fine art that differ from previous periods may lead to new interpretations that could complement and modify our overall image of contemporaneous Hungarian fine art, refine our thinking about today’s art and expand our aesthetic sensitivity.

The exhibition is accompanied by an open online show called Tár.hely ( More than 700 artists have uploaded their CVs and digital images onto Műcsarnok’s website. In addition to helping the curator’s job, the collection helps the general public grasp the broader context of the exhibition in the galleries of Műcsarnok and in the catalogue, as a kind of Salon des Indépendant, a salon without a jury.