Observing the Human

Presented by art tech platform Artscapy in partnership with South Korean art collective Noonssup, five contemporary artists (Bongsu Park, Garam Kim, Sejin Kim, Gihun Noh, and Daniel Schine Lee) will share their observations on human nature on the verge of new technological advancement through video, performance, photography, audio and NFTs. 

Observing the Human presents a journey into human perception – observation – that is enhanced or perhaps rather, distorted, by technological advancement. Five artists will consider observation as a sensory experience that goes beyond sight, creating a link between what is consciously perceived and subconsciously felt. The artistic interpretations on display are rooted in South Korean contemporary culture and iconography, and will together shape a new outlook on humanity through video, performance, photography, audio and NFT.

This collaboration between Noonssup and Artscapy is bound by the shared goal to showcase rigorous contemporary artistic research whose message is uniquely expressed through technology, and specifically NFTs. Each work is for sale and has a unique tie to technology as a non-fungible token (NFT), whether the token stores the artwork directly or acts as a right to access the artwork. 

A dynamic programme of events will include workshops and talks around the exhibition, NFTs and the underlying blockchain technology:

Sunday 3rd July

12:00-2:00pm Phygital

From File to Physical Art, Daniel Schine Lee’s printing workshop.

Tuesday 5th July

12:00-1:00pm Enter the Subconscious

Social Dreaming with Bongsu Park and aladin aladin

6:00-7:00pm Observing the Human Exhibition Talk

with the participating artists, moderated by Sasha Gibb

Wednesday 6th July

12:00-1:00pm Aware Art Buying

From Zero to Collector with Emilia De Stasio

6:30-7:30pm Collecting Today

The Collecting Experience with Charlotte Callaghan, Emilia De Stasio, Alexandra Steinacker, moderated by Lucy Sollitt

Thursday 7th July 

12:00-1:00pm NFTs and Blockchain 1-0-1

with Niccolo Bevacqua

6:30-7:30pm Fine Art NFTs

Museum to Market with Stephen McCoubrey, Alex Estorick, moderated by Sasha Gibb

Friday 8th July

12:00-1:00pm Noonssup at Noon

Pioneering Art using Technology with Bongsu Park and Ga Ram Kim

6:30-7:30pm New Frontiers in Art

Using Technology for Artistic Expression with Bongsu Park, Ga Ram Kim and other artists moderated by Dr. Dimitrios Tsivrikos

Saturday 9th July

12:00-2:00pm Last Call for Lee’s printing workshop

3:00-5:00pm Finissage


3rd – 9th July


Morrell House

98 Curtain Road


London EC2A 3AF