Opening: Jean-Pierre Roy “Certain of My Uncertainty”

An intense world of gaunt desert landscapes and faceless giants surrounds us when we enter Jean-Pierre Roy’s new solo show “Certain of My Uncertainty”.  Roy’s recent work continues his juxtaposition of seemingly incongruous temporal realms. With one foot placed firmly in history’s extensive gravity and the other in the anxious future, the result is a coherent visual experience of incomparable intelligent beauty. “Certain of My Uncertainty” is no exception. 

The exhibition is a narrative of perception – our sensory perception of the physical world around us and its objective inaccessibility. Jean-Pierre Roy’s post-apocalyptic iconography does not seek to hide his embrace of science-fiction narratives, but seeks to find a new relevance for their focus within our current anxieties. What captivates and also drives him is an existential curiosity about natural systems, their visual reproduction and our way of navigating in them.