Palinopsia Jean-Pierre Roy invitational w. Matthew Miller & Kurt Kauper

“Palinopsia:  the persistent recurrence of a visual image after the stimulus has been removed.” Form Sense, for the non-artist, can be defined as “The ability to recognize shapes.”  For an artist it can also be defined as “The ability to represent shapes by the hand or by tool, informed by perceptual information, and from the individual’s unique mental model of the workings of light and shade.”  Every artist in history has a unique relationship with how their tools represent their creative impulse, and the artists in the show all make works employing an obsessive, highly articulated, mode of painting.   Using narrative and landscape, alongside portraiture and figuration, the artists share a commitment to a representational picture making that satisfies deep technical and intellectual impulses.  While the narratives run the gamut from Roy’s science fictionally framed figuration, to Kauper’s collision of the fantastical and the banal, to Millers uncannily unsettling portraiture, the linkage lies in the form itself, and its generation. For each artist, the creation of form can be said to be a critical part of the meaning of the work, both to the artist, and to the viewer. Kauper’s exquisite resolution of microforms create a proprioceptive reminder that while the spirit might float, the body is made of finer stuff. Roy’s narratives are a fiction carved from the science of light itself- the true quantum carrier of perceptual information. Miller’s haunting portraits effortlessly remind us that the pathways of perception lead not just from the hand to the brain and back, but weave through a labyrinth of distortions, corrections, adjustments, dissolutions and reordering along the way.  They share a common acceptance of, and passion for, the idea that the creation of form, in-and-of-itself, generates its own meaning that contradicts, redirects, and reemploys the literal optical narrative presented in the work.

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Artists represented:Jean-Pierre Roy (US), Matthew Miller (US) & Kurt Kauper (US).

Both Jean-Pierre Roy and Matthew Miller will be present at the opening and available for interviews.

Contact the gallery at or phone + 45 33 33 93 96 for further information

Palinopsia  21.09 – 19.10 

Vernissage Saturday September 21st from 12-4pm