Parcour d_Art

With a reference to the "Serenissima" – which is also simultaneously a powerful testament to its now 44 years of continuous quality and the always fascinating work of discovering what is new – Mario Mauroner Contemporary tempts you this year at two locations (MAM Gallery Residenzplatz 1 and gallery house and sculpture garden at Ignaz-Rieder-Kai 9) with an exceptional parcours, presenting their selection of 22 gallery artists, all of which are connected by the special distinction of having participated in this "mother of all biennales: Venice":

Herbert BRANDL (2007 Austrian Pavilion) – Yane CALOVSKI (2015 Macedonian Pavilion) – Carmen CALVO (1997 Spanish Pavilion) – Tony CRAGG (1988 British Pavilion) – Jan FABRE (1984 Belgian Pavilion) – Paolo GRASSINO (2009 "Detournement Venise" Giudecca) – Joan HERNANDEZ PIJUAN (2005 "Experience of Art" Italian Pavilion) – Tadashi KAWAMATA (1982 Japanese Pavilion) – Tatsuo MIYAJIMA (1988 Aperto / 1999 Japanese Pavilion) – Isamu NOGUCHI (1986 US Pavilion) – Dennis OPPENHEIM (1997 special by Germano Celant / Marghera) – Javier PEREZ (2001 Spanish Pavilion) – Walter PICHLER (1982 Austrian Pavilion) – Jaume PLENSA (2015 "Together", San Giorgio) – Fabrizio PLESSI (1986 Italian Pavilion, 2011 Venice Pavilion) – Karl PRANTL (1986 Austrian Pavilion) – Antoni TAPIES (1993 Spanish Pavilion) – Barthélémy TOGUO (2015 "All The Wolds Future", Arsenale) – Joana VASCONCELOS (2013 Portuguese Pavilion) – Juan USLE (2005 "Experience of ART" – Italian Pavilion) – Bernar VENET (1978 "From Nature to Art. From Art to Nature") – Vadim ZAKHAROV (2013 Russian Pavilion) are the artists whose paintings, installations and sculptures engage in a fascinating dialogue between contemporary art and solitary Bauhaus architecture.

Also exciting is the interplay of materials – from the artificial Kerto used by Tony Cragg in his museum-quality works from 2001 ("Wooden Crystal") to today ("It is, it isn't", 2010) to the innocent, white, classic and yet 4.5 t heavy Carrara marble "Atlas on the Roof of the World" by Jan Fabre, for which a spectacular crystal cube has been built.

Opening: Saturday, July 18th, 11 am – 2 pm
Duration of the exhibition: until August 29th, 2015