Plamen Dejanoff "displays & specifics"

At the center of the exhibition "displays & specifics" at the new project space of Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna is the revival of a very successful work type, "platforms", developed in an earlier artist collective with Swetlana Heger (until 2001). Today all of the examples produced from that time can be found in museum and private collections.
Two surviving presentation plates in the artist's storage made of high gloss painted material were the impetus for the revival of this work type. "displays & specifics" consists of the reassembly as well as the update of these platforms, taking into account Plamen Dejanoff's current artistic position, but also the development of his collection of artworks and design objects – a mirror of the artistic development of the last ten years. Artworks (by Dejanoff and from his collection) will be presented in combination with functional design objects, prestige and decorative objects as well as handcrafted and high-tech artifacts on the colorful surfaces.