Rainer Hosch: “Photographs”

The genre portrait has been through a lot over the years – from the ancient celebratory marble sculptures of kings and popes to today’s rapid selfies and profile images on Facebook. A portrait can either be organized or coincidental, mysterious or straightforward.

Austrian photographer Rainer Hosch captures all those qualities and more with a single click in his solo show “Photographs” – something that you can experience yourself with the one-time-only event on Saturday, November 7th, 10:00-16:00, when the gallery basement is transformed into a photo studio. Here Hosch will be taking personal portraits in his trademark style of visitors who buy a portrait from the show “Photographs”.

Based in Los Angeles, Hosch is situated at the epicenter of celebrity culture, which his show at Gallery Poulsen clearly reflects. Hosch’s works depict idols like Michael Caine, Iggy Pop, Willem Dafoe, David Duchovny, and Steve Buscemi with an aesthetic taken from mug shots, passport photos, and photo booth strips. We see wrinkles, nose hair, and other imprints of a life well-lived in the eleven large-scale black-and-white portraits on display. We also see personalities masking themselves with props, controlling our interpretation and awareness of their true personalities. For all the rawness of the images, there is still pomp and performance on display from the portrait subjects.

In an elegant way, Hosch also finds ways to include himself in his pictures. His use of a ring flash ensures that the tool of his trade is present in his subject’s eyes. Other images suggest a dialogue underway between photographer and subject. For the gallery viewer, this hint of Hosch that prevails in his work helps find one’s self in his images.

The unique opportunity for viewers to further find themselves in a Hosch image thrillingly comes to life November 7th, when buyers of an image from his “Photographs” show will have the unique opportunity to have a personal portrait taken by Hosch as well. Buyers will get the celebrity treatment, so to speak, in their photo session with Hosch, culminating with a final shot selected by him for printing.

Hosch’s show consists of eleven photographs, all printed in editions of 5 + 2 AP printed with inkjet eco-solvent on 265 grms MLFD grafiprint paper in the size of 104 x 136 cm / 41 x 53.5 in.

Hosch arrives in Copenhagen Tuesday, November 3rd, and will be available for interviews prior to the show opening. He will also speak about his work at the show’s opening reception on Friday, November 6th, from 17:00-19:00.

His exclusive portrait session for buyers of his work at Gallery Poulsen is Saturday, November 7th, 10:00-16:00.
Contact Morten Poulsen at +45 3333 9396 / info@gallerypoulsen.com for further inquiries and to book your photo shoot, so everyone gets the chance.