Robert Motelski Painting

The light behind the window of my studio illuminated tree trunks, which in the distance blurred the background around them. Trees do not always fit the composition of a painting, thus I designed my own ones, ink on paper, creating a pattern to be subsequently transferred onto the canvas. Then I painted them with harsh brush strokes, diversifying the paint texture. That is how the painting of ‘Light 9 January 13:42’ had been created.


I cannot remember what made nature the leading subject of my works. The realm has always been of particular importance to me. With time, the paintings became more and more synthetic, which was not pre-meditated but stemmed from my own experiences in contact with nature, influencing my way of perceiving the reality. 

I make up neither the idea nor the form. The concepts just occur to me, then I put them into practice. The inspirations for the paintings are found during my trips, when I have the opportunity of a direct connection with nature. I analyse the ideas and impressions in the studio. I sythetise the form, delete the irrelevant elements to choose the most important ones. Abstraction has always been close to me but the realistic motives also gave opportunity to convey different contents. I combine the expressively painted elements with colour patches. I pay a lot of attention to composition. The titles are not the most important but they allow to place the works in time.


On the exhibition in the Mostra Gallery in Warsaw I present about  thirty works of different sizes. These are mainly the latest paintings out of the Light, Mountains, Fire series, as well as the ones of the earlier cycles such as Grass or Snow.