SALON REAL / VIRTUAL 12# Salon: Evelyn Loschy & Laura Fitzgerald | Tickling a sensible space

OPENING : Saturday, 22.01.2022  4 – 8 pm silent opening

MIDI-VERNISSAGE: Saturday, 26.02., 4 – 10 pm

FIRESIDE CHAT : Saturday, 26.02.,  6 – 7 pm Helen Carey (Fire Station Artist´s Studios) in conversation with Evelyn Loschy and Laura Fitzgerald

WHERE : galerie michaela stock, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna

EVELYN LOSCHY & LAURA FITZGERALD Tickling a sensible space

The issue of identity is often a sensible space.Identity is the way we perceive and express ourselves as individuals, as a society, or as a nation. Space whether, real, virtual or imagined, is crucial in constructing new enviroments for artistic communties, allowing them to explore and promote new values in society. Opening this space through the production of artworks, allows questions to be asked of stereotypes, conventions, gender issues, sexuality, race, nationality and heritage.

The exhibition titled “Tickling a sensible space” presents two young female artists. Evelyn Loschy from Austria and Laura Fitzgerald from Ireland. Both artists have different backgrounds, education and working conditions, but explore the same topic: identity and it’s representation in socio-cultural spaces. This investigation, into the shifting ecology of identity, allows the artists to propose alternative questions to where our place is within contemporary culture.

Laura Fitzgerald searches for her identity through the family farm in County Kerry, Ireland. Highlighting comparisons between rural identities and the work of an artist. She probes in a satirical way, the difficult task of being an artist through drawings; sound installation and videos.

Evelyn Loschy prompts the viewer to question at what point the self becomes other, and how we can objectively distinguish what makes us unique. New works such as a kinetic sculpture, a performance / video and a sculpture, built especially for the virtual exhibition space, work with identity and thematically intersect to sharpen one’s view of the complex processes of the human being . They appear to lose their original form and confront the visitor with the view on behaviour of human beings and the visualisation of the innerself.