SALON REAL / VIRTUAL. 2# Salon: Natalia Gurova | Triggered silhouettes

8.10.  – 4.11.2020

Opening: 8.10., 16 – 21h / Timeslot every 15 min / come and go

4# Fireside chat: in conversation with artist Natalia Gurova 5# Fireside chat: in conversation with artist Natalia Gurova

In the second virtual exhibition in Salon Real / Virtual, works by the young in Belarus born and in Russia raised journalist and artist Natalia Gurova are on display. Her artwork at the moment focuses on the objects and structures that trigger change in human behavior and focuses in the search for the imagery through the world of images.  Natalia Gurova creates different picture and text combinations and revolves around the question on which principles the naming of objects happens, i.e. objects who emphasize never-ending reflection between phenomenal world and us.

CV: Natalia Gurova is an artist born in Belarus, raised in Russia and based in Vienna. She did a journalism degree in Moscow and received her MA in Journalism from Moscow State University (2009) and worked for several years as political journalist in Moscow for different media including newspapers, radio, online and TV. Currently she lives and works in Vienna and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Julian Göthe, 2018) and before she studied at the University of Applied Arts (Paul Petritsch / 2014 – 2018).