Opening: on Sunday, March 21, 11 – 15 hgalerie michaela stock

Sofie Muller presents Movement of the heart, an international project that introduces a new series of bronze sculptures.

Imposed confinement can cause feelings of anxiety and distress. To combat these feelings, Muller developed her own ritual and collected sprouted onions during spring. On these onions she wrote or carved small intentions. She sculpted hearts around them in clay or wax and casted them in bronze. During summer, Muller continued this project during an artist residence in Palazzo Monti, Brescia. Being in this area, she took the opportunity to do extensive research to Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomic sketches and his theories on the human heart. 500 years later Muller humbly follows in Da Vinci’s footsteps, conducting her own research to the heart, a universal symbol worldwide.

The result is a new series of 150 bronze hearts. Each heart is unique.

10 galleries from Mexico to New Zealand, from France to Austria will present this new series of hearts simultaneously on March 21, 2021, the beginning of spring. This day marks the start of spring in Europe – a time celebrating new life – and the ideal moment to send out a positive message after a year of battling Covid-19.

We will present 5 hearts in Salon Real and Salon Virtual.

The pandemic has heightened environmental awareness all over the world. For this reason, Sofie Muller has decided to get involved in reforestation by supporting the non-profit organization “one tree planted”. For each bronze heart sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to this organization, and with each heart sold, approximately 50 new trees will be planted.

We needlessly pollute the fair bosom of our mother earth,rip out her trees to feed our short sighted greed,turning our fertile earth into a sterile desert.Dalai Lama, The Sheltering Tree of Interdependence, 1993

participating galleriesGeukens & De Vil (Antwerp/Knokke, Belgium), Fox Jensen (Sidney/Auckland), Proyectos Monclova (Mexico City, Mexico), Tardino6 (Bakoe, Azerbaijan), Michaela Stock (Vienna, Austria), Gallery Maskara (Mumbai, India), Palazzo Monti (Brescia, Italy), Gallerie Italienne (Paris, France), Martin Kudlek, (Cologne, Germany), Galeria Biala (Lublin, Poland).

SALON REAL / VIRTUAL new gallery concept: real vs virtualThe focus is on the interlocking of the real and virtual worlds and their combination of acoustic, visual, haptic stimuli. The goal is to dock the real world more strongly and actively at the interface with the virtual world, thereby setting in motion new ways of thinking and working processes and in this way further developing interactive media art. Fireside chats in Salon Real with experts from various disciplines complete the virtual exhibition.