Scarlett Platel – Photographer

Scarlett Platel was born in England in 1987 and trained at Brighton University College of Art. Using photographic and dark rooms techniques, Platel assembles concepts and images as they emerge from the complex legacy of psychoanalytical and spiritual thought. She reconstructs these potent symbols and primitive shapes, blending them with dyadic archetypes and vivid colours, creating her own phantasmagoria of existence.

For the up and coming exhibition at Zedes Gallery, Platel plans to focus her attention on the personal journey of rebirth and entering into the unfolding subconscious. Sourcing inspiration from her interest in humans ability to create and live in brand new belief systems she has assembled 3 major new pieces of work within the traditional confines of the photographic darkroom.

Understanding that the process of images being born into the world through light from total darkness in the darkroom is large
part of the poetry of the exhibition. It replicates the concept of a spiritual journey starting through the process of light illuminating one’s deepest self after a dark and traumatic event.