Shades from the Shadow by Lorenzo Puglisi

Contini Contemporary is pleased to present the new exhibition Shades from the Shadow by Lorenzo Puglisi at The Crypt Gallery in King’s Cross Saint Pancras Church, London.Lorenzo Puglisi is dedicated to the representation of human nature in its essentiality: it becomes a trace on a dark background, a still image of a moment, a passing vision. From this darkness light emerges to define faces, volumes and figures with expressions and gestures that, while seeming random, are salient elements, necessary to create the vitality of the pictorial scene.  The artist draws on classical iconography and he is inspired by the great Masters of the Past, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio, representing their masterpieces with indefinite brushstrokes and evanescent figures, like ghosts of a distant and now irretrievable reality. From this continuous research comes, as a tribute to the Florentine artist, il Grande Sacrificio (the Great Sacrifice), a monumental six-meter painting exhibited at the Bramante Sacristy in Milan, a few steps from the Leonardesque masterpiece. “The reductive paintings of Puglisi confront remnants and residual traces, remembrances of the “shades” of painting, the ghost and the alternative possibilities that painting presents to us today. Yet in quite another sense the artist touches upon the endless endlessness of painting, a medium of expression consigned to mourning and the historical graveyard fifty years ago. The artist presents the bare bones of painting, perhaps articulated better still as the painting of bare bones.”The Spectral Feast: On the Ruins of Painting (The Art of Lorenzo Puglisi) by Mark Gisbourne A catalogue with the introduction by Michele Buonuomo will be published for the occasion.

For further inquiries please contact the gallery at info@continicontemporary or at +44 2039 729001.

Dates: 01-07 October 2019Vernissage: 1st October 2019 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM