‘slip.flux.flock: intuitive forms’, a group show at Olivier Cornet Gallery

The Irish-based Olivier Cornet Art Gallery is delighted to present a group exhibition by Slip.flux.flock, a collective of women artists originating from links made through the National College of Art and Design in Dublin (Ireland). They are a varied group with differing backgrounds, approaches and influences, working in ceramics, metals, textiles and glass: Cathy Burke, Jaki Coffey, Cecilia Moore and Kate O’Kelly.

The show will launch on Sunday 3rd March 2019 at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, 3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1.

Guest speaker: Dr Jennifer Goff, Curator of the Eileen Gray Collection at the National Museum of Ireland.


Collective’s Statement:

Slip.flux.flock. is a collective of women artists originating from links made through the National College of Art and Design.  We are a varied group with differing backgrounds, approaches and influences, working in ceramics, metals, textiles and glass.

In common, we explore the process of making; utilising traditional art, design and craft techniques but in a fresh and innovative way. Through interaction and sharing of knowledge, skills and practices, our collective has brought about an exciting group dynamic. Our collaboration has awarded us the confidence to experiment and to reach heights that would have seemed challenging working alone.

Our focus is to exhibit as a whole – to showcase our process, and our interest in experimenting with our materials and practice. The group comprises of established and emerging artists with a combined experience that stretches numerous awards, exhibitions, state purchases and critical selections, both on a national and international level.

The exhibition at the Olivier Cornet Gallery will include new work by the core group, namely Cecilia Moore, Cathy Burke, Jaki Coffey and Kate O’Kelly.

Cecilia Moore has a background as a silversmith and sculptor with a Masters in Metal Design, she combines this learning to create one-off metal sculptures that focus on the ancient silversmithing technique of raising.

In 2018 she won The Golden Fleece Award and,  previously, she was awarded The Royal Dublin Society Award as Established Silversmith, Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Award, and membership of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland’s “Critical Selection”.

Her work is in the State Collection and is exhibited nationally and internationally.  Last year she was an invited artist at the Royal Hibernian Academy and the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts Annual Members Show.


Cathy Burke draws on her botanical experiences for sources of inspiration, creating sculptural pieces with emphasis on the form and the surface treatment. She hand builds using Stoneware clay. Each piece is finished with multiple, complex and textured glazes to emulate flaking rusts, mossy lichens or tidal flow, referencing a continual cycle of decay and renewal. 

Her work has been purchased by the Irish State for the National State Collection in 2014 and the Irish Embassy in Korea in 2016.

Recent accolades include an Award for Ceramic Work of Distinction, Sculpture in Context 2018, Future Maker Awards from the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. The Thomas Damman Jr. Trust Award and both the Emerging Maker and Ceramics Ireland categories in the RDS Craft Awards.  

She has been selected for the Design and Craft Council’s Portfolio in 2016.

Her work has been selected and invited to partake in various exhibitions throughout Ireland, in Scotland, England and South Korea.

She lives and works in Co.Wicklow, Ireland.


Jaki Coffey is an award-winning Dublin based designer / maker from Cork, Ireland.

She holds an MFA in Design, and a first class honours from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, in the Bachelor of Design in Craft Design (Metal and Jewellery).

Her jewellery comprises of personal narratives translated into colourful, playful, interactive pieces. The wearer is encouraged to play and fidget with the wearables.

She achieves her intentions with attentive design, humour and careful consideration of materials – which range from precious metals to found objects.  The outcome is joyous and cheerful.  Her work has been shown around Europe including Ireland’s National Craft Gallery, Sieraad, Schmuck and Munich Jewellery Week.  

She has been awarded a Future Maker Award, a Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Award.  Her work has appeared in several prominent art jewellery publications.


Kate O’Kelly is an Irish maker, working primarily with ceramics, slip casting and model making.

Since graduating from NCAD in 2013 O’Kelly received awards including Future Makers Innovation Award, Future Maker Practitioner Award and Golden Fleece Merit prize in 2015.

With an interest in the use of digital technology within craft practices O’Kelly has been developing new processes for model making. Her practice is driven by a desire to produce contemporary forms incorporating smooth curves, delicate clean lines and polished surfaces, resulting in unique interior design objects. Inspiration comes from a range of sources including decorative and industrial architectural features and classical design motifs. The work combines traditional with contemporary through both aesthetic and technique. She is one of the two selected artists from Ireland to exhibit at the European Ceramics Context 2018 in Bornholm.

She is currently based at Glendarragh Studios in Wicklow.


This exhibition will run until the 31st March 2019.