Spanish & European Vintage Posters II

On 14th May 2015 at 18.00 (CET +1), Original Poster Barcelona will hold an important web auction devoted to poster art and graphic works, “Spanish and European posters II”, establishing itself as reference point in Spain for the poster sale.

For this second poster auction, Original Poster has selected 314 posters, principally from the 20th century, featuring different styles (Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Abstractism…) and themes (aviation, war and politics, sport, fashion, advertisement, tourism…), designed by the best poster artists: Leonetto Cappiello, Jean Carlu, Jean D´Ylen, Josep Morell and Rafael de Penagos. As far as it concerns the latter, 4 posters are put in auction; his “San Sebastián” poster illustrates the cover and the central piece of the catalogue.

This date coincides with the very first exhibition in Spain devoted to Art Deco (which has been defined as the “last total style in history”): we are talking about the exhibition “El gusto moderno. Art Decó en Paris, 1930-1935”, which is currently ongoing at the Fundación March. This auction represents an unique opportunity to acquire unique pieces of this artistic style. The event will be live broadcasted on the web, through the streaming system of Invaluable, a live online platform which also allows to bid online.