Stig Stasig

"The Subface: Descendings"

Gallery Poulsen bids you welcome on board as we launch the spring season in tremendously good company with Danish photographer and seafarer Stig Stasig. In the exhibition ”The Subface: Descendings” we dive far below the surface when Stasig invites us on an astonishing undersea expedition of mythical enigmas and captivating landscapes.

With his enchanting oceanic photography, Stig Stasig creates a magical world of deafening silence, transforming the gallery into a maritime lunar landscape. The inspiration from his childhood reading of Jules Verne is unmistakable. Stasig might not have traveled 20,000 miles under the sea, but equally to Jules Verne, he has the yearning for adventure in the blood, leading him to distant climes, more specifically deep down on the bottom of the North Atlantic Sea.

Prepare yourself to be taken by the current and whirled into Stasig’s magical underwater world of gloomy formations and crystal clear water!