Three women for a whispered exhibition, set up through suffused lights and secret shadows, intimacy and emotions narrated within a gesture.
The exhibition SUSSURRI will inaugurate on Saturday, May 16, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the PUNTO SULL’ARTE Gallery in Varese. A triple solo exhibition to present the works by ILARIA DEL MONTE, TINA SGRÒ and JILL HÖJEBERG.

Through her rooms inhabited by enchanted creatures, Ilaria Del Monte leads us into a fairy world, among magical realism and metaphysical suggestions. Inspired by the XX century Italian painting – from De Chirico to Casorati – her paintings charm with their poetry and formal neatness. Wonderful girls, wrapped among seductive and taut atmospheres, mysteriously chat with plants and animals, while the ambience enlivens with light tremors.

Tina Sgrò’s rooms are guardians of ancient remembrances, deserted yet filled with such vivid and present memories to be perceived as tangible sensations: whispered voices, light swishes, mysterious fragrances crouched within corners. Built through swift and instinctive brush strokes, legitimated by a soft and suffused light which dulls corners and contours, these rooms look like a portrait gallery. Portraits filled with emotions and nostalgia wherein one could get lost as if daydreaming.

Emotions are translated into solid forms within Jill Höjeberg’s sculptures. Marble, alabaster, bronze and glass, transformed into sinuous and turgid forms, become the chapters of a story made of brief intimate moments. Embraces, nostalgias, secret gestures turn into enclosed knots of matter, spirals which induce endless caresses, concave and comfortable waves; tiny gestures, simplified to the extreme, which contain unfathomable depths.