Talk “I have to have that! About collecting photography and more.”

Talk with Annette Kicken (Galerie Kicken), Dr. Thomas Köhler (Berlinische Galerie, Freddy Langer (FAZ) und Thomas Olbricht.

Are collectors crazy? Or are they avant-garde, showing the rest of the world, including museums, what treasures there are to discover? Because whoever says “I want to have it” always, as well, thinks “I want to show it!”. Sometimes from missionary zeal, sometimes from vanity. The gallery owner Annette Kicken, the museum director Dr. Thomas Köhler, the collector Thomas Olbricht and the journalist Freddy Langer, will exchange ideas and talk about what drives a collector’s passion. At the center of the conversation will be their passion for photography. But it will hardly remain on the topic of photography in the house of the Wunderkammer.