The exhibition THE LONG NOW (8 July – 27 August 2018) assembles 20 contemporary, artistic positions in the lounge area of me Collectors Room Berlin, with which a variety of approaches towards time come into effect, either regarding our concept of time or the perception and visualisation of time.

Time proves itself as a noticeably open and undefined variable, which for instance is perceived completely different when experienced subjectively or measured with a timepiece instead. Polarities such as steadiness and unsteadiness, acceleration and deceleration as well as immediacy, duration and transience are crucial categories.

Time is a concept which concerns us in both a definite and elementary way. Without the concept of time our existence as well as the events occurring in the world around us wouldn´t be conceivable. Yet at the same time, time is perceived as an abstract and elusive phenomenon with which scientists, thinkers and artists have ever since occupied themselves. Against the backdrop of an accelerating modern age and a global simultaneity which is passed on by the media, questions regarding time seem ever more pressing. What signifies time to us? What does the present mean? How long lasts the now?

THE LONG NOW runs parallel as an exhibition project in two parts in the Museum Goch and the Kunstverein Bochum from 25 March – 17 June 2018.

Curated by Reinhard Buskies.

Artists Malte Bartsch | Christiane Baumgartner | Roland Boden | Maurits Boettger | Daniel Burkhardt | Mark Formanek | Nikolaus Gansterer | Dafna Gazit | Christoph Girardet | Lukas Grundmann | Timo Klos | Simona Koch | Vera Lossau | Zhenia Couso Martell | Lilla von Puttkamer | Otto Reitsperger | Johanna Reich | Hans-Christian Schink | Katrin Wegemann | Michael John Whelan

Events ART & START – Mindfulness and art Every Wednesday, 8-9 am 9€ (30 min of mindfulness practices + 1 cup of tea)

In the context of the exhibition THE LONG NOW me Collectors Room Berlin invites you to start the day with quiet mindfulness in the presence of art. In an increasingly stressful, hyper-accelerated world the morning sessions activate focus, clarity and intuition for your day at work. Following gentle bodywork, we use established mindfulness practices such as breath awareness to step into the power of being present. Supported by the stillness of the gallery space, the sessions integrate the art on display through contemplative art viewing practices.

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