Tim Pomeroy Exhibition at The Fine Art Society London

The Fine Art Society will present an exhibition of new sculptural works by Tim Pomeroy (b.1957), one of the most respected carvers of his generation. The exhibition demonstrates Pomeroy’s continued exploration into the relationship between the sacred, the natural world and the rhythmic geometries of everyday objects in this compelling show of twelve new works  in stone and wood.


Basing his sculptures on organic elements such as seeds, pine cones and petals, Pomeroy observes the simplicity and purity of their lines while highlighting their resemblance to objects of ceremonial ritual. Pomeroy transforms everyday, mundane objects into something all the more extraordinary, evoking notions of power, mystery and the Sacred.


Working at his studio on the Isle of Arran in Ayrshire, Pomeroy sources the highest quality materials for his pieces in marble, slate, granite, sandstone and wood with the majority of his works in marble made from Carrara marble. While primarily a stone carver, he is no less at home working with traditional woods such as yew, oak and pine sourced from his native Scotland, citing the spiritual properties invested in wood as playing a fundamental role in his sculptures. With stone, it is the elemental nature which draws the artist to this medium; the quality, purity and patterns of the raw stone waiting to be carved. Pomeroy explains: “I am interested in the enduring. These materials contain germs of that; they have a timeless quality.”