World premiere of Zad Moultaka’s ‘Requiem for a New World’

French-Lebanese composer Zad Moultaka will perform the world premiere of his new musical and visual composition Requiem for a New World at Basilica S.S. Giovanni e Paolo in Venice, Italy. The musical and visual performance will pay tribute to the late Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, whose compositions had a revolutionary impact on music and is best known for his work The Rite of Spring.

For the main composition in the performance, Moultaka draws from a new text by the renowned Lebanese poet Etel Adnan. In the poem, Adnan describes the moment the human race decides to migrate to outer space and reflects on the process of how to establish the beginnings of a new civilisation.

The concert will be performed by an orchestra of 60 column loudspeakers conducted by Roland Hayrabedian, founder of vocal performance company Musicatreize, which will also be participating as a choir alongside the counter-tenor Raffaele Pe. The performance will be accompanied by projected visuals and animated lighting designed by Moultaka and timed to the music, illuminating the spiritual space of the Basilica.

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