calling all viennese- or semi-viennese artists

Destination Vienna 2015 at Kunsthalle Wien

From 17 April until 31 May 2015, Kunsthalle Wien will present the art exhibition Destination Vienna 2015. It is a sequel to an exhibition series called ‘Living and working in Vienna’, which took place in 2000, 2005 and 2010 respectively.

This time Destination Vienna 2015 has one central theme. Intentionally, it is so open-ended and sufficiently woolly formulated that it cannot hamper an artist’s creativity in any way. Here goes:

“Based on the status quo of geopolitical and cultural position and the potentials, issues and areas of conflict evolving of it, the exhibition will present ways of dealing with different aspects of living together. What do artists find important in and about Vienna and how do they experience the city in relation to its geopolitical position? What does living together mean today? What is art’s contribution to this? What kind of influence do politics have on this issue?”

The 2015 exhibition will expand to all venues of Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier and Karlsplatz. With the help of Vienna galleries it is quite excitingly expanding to the entire city.

If you are an artist

There are some conditions for entering, the sum of which is nothing out of the ordinary for similar submissions. It is all quite fair and commonsensical. However, given that it has a tad to do with Vienna you do need to have some connection to the city as either reflected in your art or by choosing or having chosen to reside there.

But rush, because the submission deadline is 4 October 2014

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