For art head due north of Copenhagen

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

North of Copenhagen, you find a little treasure trove in modern art. Continuously considered the most popular museum in Denmark in terms of recorded visitor numbers, Louisiana greets you welcome in its non-imposing buildings. It is conveniently placed smack bang between a panoramic view over its sculpture park and the sea in green and lush settings. The permanent exhibition alone consists of more than 3000 works of art and is thus the largest of its kind in Scandinavia.

The main focus is contemporary art

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art contains modern art from 1945 and onwards. The works of art on display thus include creations from artists Baselitz, Bourgeois, Dubuffet, Giacometti, Guston, Hockney, Jorn, Kiefer, Kirkeby, Klein, Lichtenstein, Louis, Picasso, Polke, Rauschenberg and Warhol. The sculpture garden exhibits works of the sculptor Henry Moore and others.

Louisiana Contemporary

The temporary exhibition programme musters to arrange 4-6 good, progressive, exhibitions a year—as part-funded by good sponsors. The more exciting thing here is a clear investment in displaying the absolute latest contemporary artists, in what the museum terms the ‘Louisiana Contemporary Series’.

In 1994 the museum opened a Children’s 500 m2 wing to the museum. This part of Louisiana arranges free activities for families with children plus drop-ins and special activities at weekends and school holidays. The development has proven a success, which in turn has made it possible for the museum to further develop its art-educational activities for children. The child-friendly space allows children and their parents to engage in art on children’s on terms and curiosities. The art materials are being provided by sponsor Panduro Hobby.

In addition, Lousiana arranges concerts with a programme accessible on their website. The arrangements are being held roughly once a month.